Our Story

What is J Street?


J Street a collective for women by women. What started as two quietly creative friends ranting about issues facing them as young adults, quickly uncovered a pattern of unique circumstances that many women of color face. In addition to these circumstances, these friends felt a lack of representation in the blogosphere  and editorial space. Thus, J Street was born. The tide is turning and a new generation of women is leading a revolution.

If you missed it don’t worry, it wasn’t televised. Through J Street, it is our mission to curate content that is inclusive of all types of women and all types of beauty. We want to create the positive representation of other women like us who are young and beautiful, talented and awkward, Black, Latina, Asian or White. It is our hope that J Street will stand at the intersection of  womanhood and social change. J Street should be a safe space for women of color to come to for validation of their inner Queen (because it has been so broken by this society) and we also hope that women everywhere have something to gain from our blog regardless of color, race, ethnic or economic background. Every Queen needs trusted advisors. Think of us as that. Helping you expand your horizons and your mind to realize the queen within you.  Set her free.  Your throne awaits.

One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.

– Simone de Beauvoir





Co-founder, Editorial Director

25. North Carolina Native. New York City Resident. Music Aficionado. Bedroom DJ. Philosopher. Vertically Unchallenged. Dreamer. Weirdo.




Co-founder, Editorial Director

25. North Carolina Native. Los Angeles, CA Transplant. Fluorescent Brown. Ratchet and Refined. Lover of all things sweet. Self-Proclaimed Food Connoisseur.