New City, Who Dis? : The Guide to Mingling for Awkward Black Girls

So. You’ve just moved to a new city. Maybe you’re on your “new year, new you” kick.  Maybe you just got a new job. Either way, you’re super excited for new beginnings. You’ve found a popping and reasonably priced place, spent all of your coins at HomeGoods buying decorations and you feel like you’re finally all settled in. No better way to celebrate a new move than a night on the town with some girlfriends. Just one problem: you don’t know anyone in your new city.

Finding friends and things to do in a new city has never been an easy task, especially if you aren’t the most extroverted of people (i.e. me). And unless you’re in Atlanta, it can be a little tricky to find events catering to black people, or even black people in general. So what’s a girl to do?



Here are three ways to find all the melanin rich happenings in your neck of the woods!



Meetup has been my go to for finding new friends and things to do ever since I graduated college. The site is home to hundreds of thousands of groups. Whether you’re looking for a recreational kickball league, a group of Christians to fellowship with, or a circle of like-minded girlfriends to have drinks with, Meetup more than likely has a group for you that’s meeting in your area. When I moved to Los Angeles, there were multiple Meetup groups for young black professionals in the area that I joined and from there I was exposed to super lit events, like-minded young professionals and a new amazing group of friends.



Newsletters such as BlackBookLA have literally saved my life. Every week I’m sent an email full of events in the area for the weekend so it takes the guesswork out of trying to find moves. There’s always things happening around you, especially if you live in a larger city. Do a little research to see if there’s anything in your area like BlackBookLA; all you have to do is sign up and more than likely, it’s free!



When I started using GroupMe, my social life went to a WHOLE different level.  It’s a messaging app, but within it you can chat with large groups of people, share photos, and even plan events! There are plenty of GroupMe groups in cities all around. Just in LA I’m a part of a few groups such as a young black professionals GroupMe and an HBCU alumni GroupMe (*cough* even though I went to a PWI *cough*). Being on GroupMe, I can always be in the middle of conversations about what’s going on and who’s hanging out where! The catch, however, is that you have to be invited to a group by someone currently in the group chat. Thing is though, once you starting meeting friends from Meetup and attending different events promoted in newsletters, getting invited to a Groupme should be a piece of cake!

So what are you waiting for! Get out there and start enjoying your new city!



Comment below with how you meet friends and find events in your area!

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