No More Ugly Days: 5 Ways to Feel Confident on Off Days

You know the days we mean. Those days where every article of clothing you own makes its way to either the bed or the floor and you can’t find anything to wear throwing a wrench in the rest of your day because you just feel ugly.



Well, there’s good news: you’re not alone. This is me, every Monday (Tuesday and Wednesday. I usually don’t get my shit together until Thursday. Nobody’s perfect, right?). Lucky for you that makes me an expert in how to turn your ugly days into beautiful ones.

Some may call putting too much effort into your physical appearance shallow. I don’t know any of these people personally, but I’m sure they’re out there. There’s certainly a limit between feeling good and being a narcissist, but walking out the door knowing you’re popping does a woman good. The thing about your outfit in the morning is it sets the bar for the rest of the day. If that’s off, prepare to miss the train, catch every red light, spill coffee on that very important report the HBIC needs before noon…you get the point. So on those days nothing seems to work here are some things to do:


1. Take A Break

Step. Away. From. The. Closet.



But seriously, sometimes the best thing you can do when this happens is to walk away for a moment. Go do something else like your hair or makeup. When this happens I take this time to actually make breakfast before returning to face my closet (or what’s left of it since most of my clothes are usually scattered across the bed by this point).


2. Ugly Day Default


Every woman (person really) should keep at least three to five outfits that can serve as a quick but fly-ass default when pressed for time. These are the ensembles that received the most compliments, the ones in which you felt like a million bucks and the ones that snapped necks and snatched edges.




These outfits will usually consist of the basics spruced up with a few accessories or a pop of color on your feet. You’d be surprised the simplest outfit can be turned into a chic masterpiece. A quick trick is to follow the rule of thirds which, thankfully, has nothing to do with math.


3. Run to Pinterest


Ah, Pinterest. The Holy Grail of inspiration. Whenever, I repeat, WHENEVER I am at a loss for outfit ideas I go to Pinterest. It’s the most underrated social platform. Need an outfit for a “casual fall hiking trip in California”? They got you. A “summer girls night out outfit idea”? Pinterest will hold you down! Go ahead! Try searching for any occasion and I promise you’ll find a combination that you will fit your style.


4. Borrow Clothes


People still living with roommates at 25 rejoice! This is for you. While it may not be ideal (but VERY necessary if you happen to live in NYC, LA or any other city in the country where they seem to have forgotten to adjust your salary for the cost of living) to share a space with another person as an adult, the upside is your roommate may have the exact piece you need to complete your fit. She can be an excellent resource. Maybe she has a that ACME leather jacket that would tie your edgy look together! If she needs a selling point, tell her that there’s a benefit to both parties because it doubles both of your options. #Winning!

Disclaimer: Before waltzing into your roommate’s wardrobe.. ASK!  Don’t end up homeless.


5. Say F*ck it



No explanation needed here. Sh*t happens. Accept your situation. Throw on those skinny jeans you may have worn two days ago and a v-neck tee and go about your day. The ironic thing is that these can be some of the most liberating days. On these days try something different with you hair and makeup if you want. Let it be a day of experimentation. Everyone loves the cool girl “I didn’t even try today but I’m still popping” vibe. Whatever you decide to wear, OWN IT! If you own it, who gon’ check you?


So there you go. Now, regardless of what you’re wearing today, go forth and walk into work like:


No More Ugly

Be sure to share any tips you have for getting ready in a pinch in the comments!

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  • OMG! This post had me dying! “Don’t end up homeless”…real tears were shed when I read that! Nevertheless, you speak the truth about that hopeless feeling on days when you just don’t know what to wear. Using Pinterest and walking away from my closet are my usual go-to’s, but I’ll pull a #5 in a minute, depending my frustration level that morning. Lol!